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Home Safety Tips: Summer Guide

Memorial Day is the harbinger of summer. But before you set off on your summer vacation, don’t forget to protect your home while you’re away.  Did you know that Memorial Day is the third top holiday for car thefts, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau? Your home may also be at an increased risk […]

Church & Daycare Video Security

How safe is your school? Running and managing a Day Care Facility is no easy task. You have visitors, parents, children and staff to monitor and look after. As a church administrator or private daycare operator, perhaps your biggest fear is that something might happen to one of the children entrusted to your care. Our children […]

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The Best Security Camera Systems For Businesses

The Best Security Camera Systems For Businesses Keeping a small business safe and secure should be a priority for all businesses large or small.   Whether you have a stock room full of expensive products, maintain confidential information, or to simply make your employees feel safe, your business needs a certain level of security.  Technology […]

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