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Home Security

Best Security Camera Setup Tips for Maximum Security

For Many, the scariest thought is having their home burglarized, or broken into, especially if their family is home. Securing your home and having a well-protected environment is very high on the priority list, and rightfully so! Locking your doors and windows is a good start, but according to the FBI annual crime report, only 30% of burglars enter through an unlocked part of your home while a whopping 60% used…

Fake Security Camers

The Truth Behind Dummy Security Cameras

Many see security cameras as a good investment because they can deter crime and record it as well. Instead, in order to save some money, some people go for the cheapest option and hang fake or dummy security cameras instead of the real deal.The idea behind this is that burglars or intruders will see the fake security cameras and be fooled into thinking they are real, which in turn should alleviate crime or property damage. The fact of the matter is…

Second Home Smart Home Security

Ensure Your Second Home Is Always Safe

The coming of spring in South Florida means many people will be leaving their second homes and heading back up north. This often poses stress and security concerns for the second home owners. Not only are there treats from vandalism or burglaries, but also natural disasters or uncalled for emergencies. With the rise of popular home…

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