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Second Home Smart Home Security

Ensure Your Second Home Is Always Safe

The coming of spring in South Florida means many people will be leaving their second homes and heading back up north. This often poses stress and security concerns for the second home owners. Not only are there treats from vandalism or burglaries, but also natural disasters or uncalled for emergencies. With the rise of popular home…

Be More in Control of your Home With Lutron Home Automation!

Home Automation means turning your house into a smart home. Haven’t you always wanted to have the capability to control your entire home from the ease of your fingertips? Many people do, but have no idea where to start…

Lighting Control Saves Money

How Lighting Control Saves You Money

As residential and commercial properties move further along into technological trends, they are seeing that a good investment can bring savings in the long run. This holds true for many products out on the market, but it’s not just the product alone that creates the savings, but the method in which the products are used.

Having a lighting control system integrated at your place can technically save you money, but only if you put it to use in positive ways. Leaving a light on all day will use just as much energy as it did before the lighting control installation. The differences you’ll start to see will occur when you have the power to turn off that light from anywhere in the world.

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