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How to Keep Your Small Business Safe and Secure

Just like every small business is unique, the security system you choose to keep your business safe should be tailored to meet your specific security needs. While a small business security system should not be a DIY project, it’s important to understand the language of security in order to communicate your needs to a security professional, understand any proposals you may receive, and make the most of your security system after it is installed.

Let’s start with the basic components of a business security system:

    • Security Cameras: Security cameras are used for two basic purposes: investigation and deterrence. There are numerous types of security cameras to choose from and what you are placing under surveillance will dictate your security camera needs.  In order to realize maximum investigative and deterrent value from your cameras, you need to carefully choose where you place them. Cameras overlooking your business should be placed in plain sight – as they act more effectively as a deterrent. Some things to take into consideration are whether you need indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, or both; the lighting where the cameras will be placed; the distance and clarity of the images being recorded; the number of cameras you need; and the mobility of the viewing angles required. Camera choices include night vision, dome, outdoor, and networked cameras.
    • DVRs or NVRs: The next thing to consider is how you want to receive your video feed. Your security cameras can feed the images into a DVR or an NVR depending on your resolution preferences. If you want high-resolution cameras to give you picture perfect security images, you’ll need to feed into an NVR. Otherwise, a DVR feeding into a computer or other monitoring system should suit your needs just fine.
    • Surveillance Monitoring Equipment: So, how do you want to survey your security footage? The answer to this question also depends on your surveillance needs. If you have a large facility with tons of cameras filming various locations, you’ll probably want to have several monitors to view your various security feeds at the same time. Smaller businesses are best suited to feed into one monitor or a computer with the option of switching camera views.
    • Lighting: We always stress the importance of using proper lighting as a security measure. Providing plenty of light inside and outside of your business, even after hours, keeps intruders at bay. It also keeps your footage viewable if you don’t have night vision security cameras. Lighting your space also keeps your employees safe after dark – one thing some business owners might not think about. You want your employees to have a safe and secure walk to their cars after work!

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