How to Move Your Home Alarm System

12 Tips for Moving Your Home Alarm System

As long as your home security provider services your new neighborhood, your security system can move with you! Moving policies vary by provider.  Contact your security provider at least eight weeks before your move. This will give you both ample time to coordinate logistics. Know you are protected from day one by squaring everything away before you move.

What to Do Before You Move

  1. Keep the original packaging for easy re-repacking
  2. Evaluate your home security needs in your new home
  3. Call your monitoring company to request a moving packet & discuss your schedule
  4. Remove adhesive/hardware from your former home’s walls
  5.  Make sure you have a local to secure your moving truck
  6. Turn off your systems back up battery during the move

What to Do After You Move

  1. Do not delay in setting up your new home security system
  2. Find a safe location for the control pad
  3. Install the new sensors in high-risk areas
  4. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors
  5. Know where the nearest fire station is located
  6. Contract your renters or home insurance company for a discount
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