2GIG Products

When it comes to the management of your home, 2GIG products are the leader in their field. They offer solutions that not only advance the automation features, but also the security of your house. Their systems can provide home alarm management, climate control, lighting control, plus so much more. Smart Security Camera can supply and install 2GIG products for your home today to increase the IQ of the property. Not only does 2GIG have touchscreen solutions for easy control, but they can connect to your mobile device for convenient remote monitoring of your house.

Consumers are now demanding more from their security systems, and with the introduction of home automation features, they have become more mainstream. With the convenience and savings that customers have been receiving, the popularity between 2010 and 2014 jumped from 397,000 to 4.14 million. This is obvious proof that systems such as the 2GIG products that we offer, are becoming the mainstream option.

To get easy access to your home alarm system, 2GIG offers remote monitoring. That means that you’re alarm system can be accessed from a mobile device such as your smartphone at anytime of the day. This is huge sense of relief for homeowners as they can keep an eye on their property from practically anywhere in the world. Real time alerts and notifications are sent to the devices, and notify you of what has occurred at the home, and can immediately send alert to specified authorities based on the level of severity.

Offer your customers the latest and most advanced security and home management solution in the industry. 2gig introduces Go!Control, the first all-in-one security and home management system

Go! Control Control Panel

TS1 Touch Screen


2gig_go_control_panel 2gig_ts1 2gig_ct100

Thin Door/Window Contact

Recessed Door Contact

Glass Break Detector

2gig_thin_door_window_contact 2gig_recessed_door_contact 2gig_glass_break_detector

Passive Infrared Motion Detector

Image Sensor

Wireless Doorbell

2gig_passive-infrared-motion-detector 2gig_Image_Sensor_Angle 2gig_wireless_doorbell