south florida security company

Having an effective security system is a must for any condominium association in South Florida.

It is very important for owners and managers of condominiums to install a proper security system in their building.  Potential residents will greatly appreciate seeing a complete security system with features such as surveillance and access control.

Condominiums are even more vulnerable to security breaches than single-family homes. The fact that there is regularly high traffic of residents and their guests highlights the need for more stringent access control to individual units. Strangers can pose as guests of other residents, or even as residents. The larger the complex, the more susceptible it is to unauthorized entry.

A good security system can provide access control that is efficient and foolproof while being cost effective and easy to manage. Entry into the building can be controlled with the use of a proximity key access control system. The proximity key can be in the form of an access card or FOB issued to residents. This is more economical than traditional locks and keys that need to be completely replaced when there is a change in residents or even when some residents lose their keys. In the case of the proximity key access control system, the lost or invalidated access card just needs to be deleted from the system and a replacement card or FOB is issued in its place.

Surveillance is another powerful security feature that is both a crime deterrent and a possible crime solver. The presence of obvious video surveillance cameras in common areas inside and outside a residential complex will by itself discourage criminal elements. It is also important to have hidden video surveillance cameras that cannot be easily detected and avoided or tampered with. It would be best if these video surveillance cameras are positioned strategically so as to cover all areas in the complex. Ongoing monitoring of video surveillance camera footage 24 hours a day, seven days a week is paramount. Any sign of danger should immediately be reported to the authorities.

Aside from continuous monitoring of the video surveillance cameras, the footage should also be digitally recorded and archived for future reference. In many cases, such footage can prove to be of primary importance in identifying and prosecuting criminal elements. The footage can also provide vital information on the modus operandi of criminals, thereby allowing for further security measures against them.

In addition to access control and surveillance, a complete security system will also be configured for integration with other safety functions such as fire safety and emergency life support. It should also be ready for integration with other systems in building automation.

Do research on the best residential and commercial security systems available.  Talk to other property managers and board members of South Florida condominiums to find out what types of security systems and access control systems they have installed.