Hybrid Integration of IP Security Cameras

As part of the shift in technological advances for seAnalog and IP Hybridcurity cameras, Smart Security Camera implements hybrid integration of IP security cameras with analog security cameras. Customers who are experiencing budget limitations have to update their security system in phases. Smart Security Camera has applied a customizable solution for customers who are looking to update their current analog systems with IP security camera technology.

Cost Effective Solution for Your Business

IP Security Cameras offer a higher quality experience for users that is far superior to many of the analog cameras that are currently in use. There is a struggle for many companies to find the funds to do a full and complete upgrade to IP Security Cameras. As a result, they have been settling for a lower user experience. Those companies can now look to Smart Security Camera to help them move forward in the security technology world.

It may not be ideal for some to have only part of their systems incorporated with
the high quality cameras, but it is a great alternative for not having IP security cameras all together. Using phases, our certified technicians can slowly integrate the new cameras with the older analog cameras. Eventually, the analog security cameras would be completely removed. There are many methods that can be used for phasing out analog security cameras with IP security cameras. A new server and head end can be established, and the analog cameras can be converted into a digital signal. Once you have everything running into the same system, you can start to enjoy your new IP security cameras.

Technoloy of the Future

Technological trends are really pushing towards complete use of IP security cameras. In a couple of decades, IP security cameras will be the main surveillance cameras that customers will ask for, and analog cameras will be barely heard of for new installations. At this moment, companies are restricted with their budgets, and require a certain amount of coverage that can’t be accomplished with all IP security cameras. With a bit of customization, Smart Security Camera can offer designs that allow for a hybrid system that fits right into the allotted budgeted amount. At times, analog cameras can be more cost effective than IP Security Cameras, but they require a costlier installation, and the coverage doesn’t span as wide. That’s where IP Security Cameras start to creep in as a preferred option. The cameras may cost more, but you require less of them to cover the same field of view as analog cameras, and the installation tends to be less costly for the technicians.

No matter what the situation or budget, don’t completely take IP security cameras off your list. Look to Smart Security Cameras ability to create a hybrid system that allows for integration of IP and Analog security cameras for your company.